Grandfather and Family

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the Senior Care Maze


Making decisions for an aging or ill parent is a reversal of roles that is charged with emotion and complexity.  This responsibility often hits people when they are already consumed by raising children, working, managing their own business, coping with health or personal problems, or overcoming life changes. 

Navigating the world of senior care can quickly become a full-time job. That’s where Care Compass Family Solutions LLC steps in, to keep our clients focused and to make the best use of their time during an emotionally charged process.  Armed with direction for the care of both senior and caregivers, we break down the journey into methodical, manageable steps and give you confidence in your choices.

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Helpful Resources

Knowledge is power. When faced with making life-altering decisions, it’s essential to have access to as many resources as possible. Click here for useful information.

Reassured Clients

Overwhelmed and exhausted from the daily challenges of her mother’s dementia and keeping her safe, this daughter reached out to Care Compass Family Solutions for support. Here’s her testimonial.

Service Plans

Listening, planning, and coaching are at the core of each service plan offered. Read more and learn how one of these could help your situation.